Speaking of Birds


So for the past couple of weeks I've been hearing this god awful screeching sound coming from my roommate's computer. I was hoping it was something with artistic substance, like some avant garde music made by limbless deaf mutes. But no, it turned out to be this:

Aren't these bitches supposed to be nocturnal?

Yes, my roommate has been on Owl Watch. Watching this owl tend to her eggs, the eggs eventually hatch and the owl's mate brings her food and shags her for a bit.

At least she's been productive during all of this. With my help of course.

I'm a crafty bitch

And yes your Royal Highness, I did indeed miss you much. Please don't make this cryogenic freezer stuff a habit. ;)

Back from the Dead.


You know how sometimes you're watching daytime telly and there'd be these 1-800 ads on selling you anything from funeral insurance to a super-absorbent-made-in-Germany-overpriced-rag?

I got bored and decided to sign up for being Cryogenically Frozen.

Papa can you hear meeeeeeeee...?

It was great for the first 2 minutes. Kinda like those Sensory Deprivation Tanks... where you can't hear other annoying peeping cats and everyone leaves you alone.

Then it got old really quick, and next time I think I'll take a getaway to Fiji instead.

But yeah, that's where I've been.

And now I'm back! Haaiiiiyyaah! *nunchuck-ninja-move!*

Or you can settle for this: my attempt to do the bird.


That's right, my pretty bitter crab apple, Queen Rogueness is back. Hope you didn't miss me much.