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Reclaiming Street Cat Cred

Okay, suffice is to say that my face does say it all when it comes to actually permitting my roommate to treat me like her lil barbie cat.

Here are some other instances in which I find myself not able to contain my facial disdain.

And my personal fav:
Special Thanks to Paul D. for LOLCATZing me

So yeah, I hope that somehow reclaims my street cat cred. I'm thinking of soon taking my cred out to the actual streets and showing you some of the City of Angels. Might have to sneak out when the roommate is out on her long weekend trips. I'll keep you posted.

Super fierce RAWR shot BTW! Damn, that made this puss shiver in her boots!

Momma's Got A New Pair of Shoes!

Objects may be larger than they appear (compared to my cute tiny head)

Yes, life has been pretty eventful lately. (Can you sense my sarcasm?) This has pretty much been the highlight for the past couple weeks. The roommate has been around a little bit more lately, then she'd leave for a good 3-4 days straight.

Which I really don't mind, gives me time to work on my memoirs, that performance art piece and of course blog right?

I hope life has been more exciting on your side of the globe. Please, indulge a pussy in some adventurous stories so I can live vicariously through you.

PS: Licks to Mav from LA...hopefully he's healing nicely :)

Diggin' the new Digs

Being the ultimate dork my roommate is...she actually captured my first moments in the new place on her new recording device she refers to as her Webbie. I call it annoying thing that captures my soul. (the device, not the roommate)


And yes, I was looking for places to pee. She knows me so well.

Things I love about my new place:
  • the ability to roam freely like the independent creature I am, throughout the entire apartment
  • more windowsills in which I can climb on and judge the outside world from
  • more people (mainly children) outside in which I can judge and scowl at
  • my own personal bathroom, which is actually larger than my roommate's (ha ha sucker!)
I thoroughly enjoy being the only cat almost as much as solid white albacore.

It's actually been so long since the days Pre-Roommate that I can't even remember what it was like living with other 4 legged creatures. Although, it may be because the experience was so traumatic that I've blocked it out. There was isolation, there was blood shed, and there was no one to cater to my every whim.

Yes, I would say life is much better now.

So tell me, these snuggles you enjoy...are they on your terms or on your parents? I don't have enough claws to count the number of times my needy bitch of a roommate just picks me up and squeezes me until I let out my squeals of discontent.