2010! Bring it on!

Happy New Year!

It's 1 January 2010 here on this side of the earth, even if the time stamp on the blog is still set to USA. The sun hasn't exploded, and no one is racing around on jetpacks yet, so don't get too excited.

I had a question about your last post though: Your bath took a whole hour?!

Shiet, I'd channel some face-clawing rage if I had an hour-long bath.

I missed the X'mas blog post because... well. I don't really have an excuse, just was too lazy.

We don't get Santa or any tinsel-adorned popcorn-strung candy-wrapped festivities in this agnostic home (these liberal, conspiracy-theorist parents are so boring sometimes, honestly).


It's the time of year that we do a Swedish dinner to keep Dad's heritage somewhat alive, even if he is not particularly traditional.

I say that because this year we actually got to taste some of Mom's fine cookin' in lieu of the exciting dry grub we usually feast on! Mmm! How wonderful! What's on the menu today? Oh, more dry cardboard grub from a bag?


Dad fixed our dinner *yay!* with a little bit of grilled chicken, and bits of their X'mas feast: smoked salmon, Swedish meatballs, dry grub (what? Shit, that got snuck in there too) and even a little side salad and cheese. He even dished it on a real plate, what civility!

Waitaminute, there's a spot left for some Christmas ham! Cheated!

Personally I didn't take for the cheese and chlorophyll. Do I have 'hippie' written on my forehead? No. I ateth the meat. And it was joyous in my belly. Mavie, being the piggy he is, ate it all. Polished off my plate too. Veggie, cheese and all.

Nom nom nom.... nom nom...

Then we went into a food coma.

Mavie passes out on his favorite spot: The Human Mattress

Snoozes in the sun.

Happy Holidays, and have a fab 2010 that DOES NOT SUCK like 2009. Smooches!

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