Mwah ha ha!

This is why my roommate should never leave anything edible unsupervised on the coffee table. Yes, even red velvet cupcakes are not safe within my reach...mwah ha ha!

And in fact I believe it gave me a bit of the even more fun for my human to take care of!

Damn girl, you got your human trained right! How do you do it? She fails at her attempts to discipline you and throws you rings? I can barely get mine to feed me the 5 times a day in which I deserve to be fed.

Although now I have a feeling that she may be around more often, which will be good because not only can she serve my beacon call but she can maybe start cleaning up the joint. Yes, I do take responsibility for some of the mess and most of the smell, but she's the one with the opposable thumbs.

Maybe once she's used those thumbs/hands for a reason other than pleasuring herself, then I can show you where I like to hide when the world gets to be a bit much for me. You've got some primo spots may I say! Really could not tell where on earth you could possibly be! Tell me though, have you ever experienced any accidental squishing in your disappearing act? Like a tired mom or dad plopping on the bed? That would be my concern, and prolly why I choose not to hide in places where humans can easily get on top of.

In Constant Fear of the Squish,

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