New Cat on the Block

Youth is wasted on the young. (and where the fuck are her eyes?)

She's kinda cute for a naive inexperienced lil scrap of fur huh? I'm really tryin not to hate, I feel it doesn't go well with my complexion. Plus, that's really what everyone expects from a bitter ol' cat. And we know how much I love to give people what they expect.

Who is this feline lolita you may ask? Her name is Mrs. Lovett and she belongs to my roommate's former male compainion Henry. They're living a rural town in Colorado now with some a satanic canine. She gets her name from the tale of Sweeney Todd. Mrs. Lovett was the main character's partner in crime who help creatively dispose of his victims bodies by baking them into meat pies. Kinda deranged I know, but my roommate and the company she kept never really was one for the conservative.

You also may have overheard the mention of this male in many a conversation between the ladies back in the day. And by conversation I mean mostly my roommate shouting profanities and your mom patiently listening. As a human, he served me quite adequately. Always providing glasses with condensation for me to lick and a place to make biscuits when the knead came.

With my former subject back in 2004. (what the fuck is up with MY eyes?)

Too bad he wasn't as adequate to my roommate, but hey I guess she's letting by gones be by gones. I never quite knew what that term really means. I personally like to keep a nice firm hold on my grudges with both paws, claws out. You cross me once and I'll remember, hiss at your prescence and god help you if you try to touch me.

Don't think I didn't forget about the ordeal you've gone through. I'm gonna put my sympathies in a comment on your actual entry to see if it helps in the whole organization of the blog and stuff. That way we don't have to wait until each one of us posts an entry. We can just do it whenever we please and comment when need be. What do you think of that Ms. R?

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